Investment Planning

The rules of the game are changing and changing fast. Unfortunaely, today’s clients have learned the hard way that no single investment strategy is right for all market environments.

Through our global strategic alliances, with over $4 trillion under management and 2000 investment professionals in 80 locations around the globe, we offer our clients best-of-class investment management expertise from many of the industry’s leading institutional and boutique firms.

"Wise Decisions Begin with a Disciplined Approach"

Research over the past two decades shows that investors too frequently buy and sell at sub-optimal times.  The end result is that investors buy high, sell low, and earn significantly less than market indices.  We have a proven planning process and track record for helping families achieve their investment goals. (Tools)

Our approach to professional investment management is simple:

First, build a capable investment management team similar to a sports franchise:

  • Investor - Owner
  • Investment Advisor - General Manager
  • Portfolio Strategists - Coaches
  • Investment Managers - Skilled Players

And second, follow a proven investment decision making process:

  1. Financial Analysis – What’s your financial position and what are your goals and objectives?
  2. Asset Allocation – How should you allocate your assets to best achieve your objectives and tolerance for risk?
  3. Portfolio Strategist Selection – Which styles of portfolio strategists are right for you and what is the appropriate blend?
  4. Investment Manager Selection – Which manager offers the best solution for you?
  5. Monitoring and Rebalancing – As your objectives change and markets shift we’re on constant watch for you.
  6. Reporting – You need knowledge, not just information.