Planning Process

We offer customized planning services that are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs and priorities. Our commitment is to understand what is most important to you serving as your advisor and advocate.

"Wise Decisions Begin With a Disciplined Approach"

In developing a plan we work closely with you, your current advisors and through our strategic partners. We use a proven process which has been developed over many years.

Phase 1 – Discovery

  • (1a) Given the planning context for each family we serve this phase helps our clients define and communicate clearly their Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.
  • (1b) Evaluate Current Situation and Identify Planning Gaps – This step helps our clients think clearly and confidently about the problem. The objective is to generate CLARITY regarding their greatest dangers and opportunities.

Phase 2 – Creative Solutions

This phase helps our clients think about the solutions. The objective is to evaluate and DECIDE which strategies effectively eliminate dangers and capture opportunities.

Phase 3 – Implementation

This phase is focused on implementing the selected solutions. The objective is to achieve the desired RESULT.

Phase 4 – Management

This phase is focused on management. The objective is to ensure the results achieved are maintained over time. This phase provides long-term continuity and CONFIDENCE.